Ear Problems in Adults

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Are You Suffering From Ear Infections?

If you have ear infections, you’ll know that the symptoms can overwhelm your life. If you start to experience ear infection symptoms, you must act promptly. Ear problems in adults are usually more severe than those in children and can range from swimmer’s ear to an ear obstruction or ear pressure.

If you live in Houston, Jersey Village or Cypress, book a diagnostic assessment with Dr. Nguyen. He is a specialist in treating ear, nose, and throat conditions at Houston Sinus & Allergy. Dr. Nguyen can help confirm if the pain you’re experiencing is due to an ear problem.

Some of the ear infections include:

Middle Ear Infections
Swimmer’s Ear/Outer Ear Infection
Object Stuck in Nose, Ear or Throat

Ear Infections Treatment for Houston Residents

Houston Sinus & Allergy has been helping patients determine the cause of ear infections, and relieving the symptoms, for over ten years. Our board-certified ENT physician Dr. Nguyen specializes in treatment of ear infections.

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Symptoms of Ear Conditions in Adults

Common symptoms of an ear infection and other ear issues include:

  • Ear pain
  • Increased temperature in the ear
  • Low energy
  • Hearing difficulty
  • Smelly discharge
  • Irritation or itching within or outside the ear

Types of Ear Issues in Adults

The most common ear troubles include: 

  • Swimmer’s ear (outer ear infection): Your outer ear is the visible part of your ear. It extends from the outside of your head to your eardrum. External ear infections usually begin as itchy rashes. Your ear may be swollen, red, tender or painful. Bacterial infections are the most common causes of outer ear infections.
  • Middle ear infection: Respiratory issues or colds may cause middle ear infections. This infection can make the tubes in the middle ear swell up and prevent adequate drainage. Poorly drained tubes can affect the normal functioning of your eardrum.
  • Ear obstructions:Foreign objects in the ear ducts must be removed by a skilled physician to restore normal hearing and minimize the risk of complications. Usually, young kids between two and five are most likely to put something in their ears. 
  • Ear pressure: Persistent ear pressure pain can be from ear barotrauma or ear fullness. The pain can feel uncomfortable and even disorienting, so most want to seek help promptly and determine a cause. 

Is It Safe to Leave Your Ear Problem Untreated?

No. You should act quickly if you notice any of the above symptoms. Ear infections may indicate a more severe health condition or lead to long-term health issues if left untreated. Ear obstructions or pressure can also cause debilitating symptoms until you determine a cause.

Visit Houston Sinus & Allergy to diagnose your problems and find solutions before you experience more serious issues, such as:

  • Infection of nearby tissues
  • Poor hearing or permanent loss of hearing
  • Torn eardrum and nerve paralysis

Treatment for Ear Trouble in Houston, Cypress and Jersey Village

The treatment needed for an ear condition depends on how severe it is. Various treatments are available, depending on your issue. For adults, infection in the middle ear may be treated successfully with antibiotics. An ear tube procedure may be needed for more severe conditions.

Dr. Nguyen, the ENT specialist at Houston Sinus & Allergy, can provide a detailed diagnosis of your ear condition. He offers effective treatment using natural and least invasive solutions for ear pain.

If you have pain in your ear or you notice signs of infection, act promptly. Book an appointment or a telehealth visit with Dr. Nguyen today. You may also contact us to ask any questions.